June 29, 2014

Blah dee blah bleh why do I bother doing this? BECAUSE I FUCKING CARE, THAT'S WHY. If you don't want to sift through yet another band's insipid Facebook feed to find out what luke warm shit they've been up to, just come on over to the Lo-Fi Post where I promise I'll write something like once every six months to catch you up.

Thing 1: no big deal, we just played BottleRock in Napa with The Cure, Outkast and Weezer.

Thing 2: we've been touring extensively up and down the West Coast, from Seattle to LA and all the lush cities inbewteen, and we can't stop, we won't stop.

Thing 3: we're writing our second album right now.

Thing 4: There's tons of new Major Powers write-ups and interviews if you're bored and/or care.

Thing 5: There's more shit but I forget because I only write these once every 6 years, so basically check out our Facebook page to stay up to date.