Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony


Morty Wiggins (Second Octave)
Lee Smith (Earnest Management)

Steve Gardner (sgardner@secondoctave.com)
(415) 871-7494

Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony plays Adventure Rockā„¢. Imagine Mary Poppins writing songs for Weezer during a cliff diving competition between Freddie Mercury and Tom Waits while Danny Elfman makes out with Indiana Jones during a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Or don't imagine that and listen for yourself. Or watch:

Hi. I'm Nicholas Jarvis Powers, self-taught pianist and songwriter. I'm on the left. I have been rolling around in the gutters of the East Bay since I was a little kid. Kevin and Dylan Gautschi (guitar & drums, respectively) are French brothers and are the sons of Pamela Wood, bass player for Bay Area weirdo-rock legends Leila & The Snakes.

Instead of a boilerplate autobiography where we drone on about our song writing, harmonies, musical influences or our sonic exploration of the human condition, simultaneously tragic and hilarious, we'd like to point you to some recent reviews: CLICK THIS SHIT FOR RECENT REVIEWS.

And here's a handy bulleted list of some noteworthy stuff:

• We were selected by Heart to open for them at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA

• We played with The Cure, Outkast, Weezer and LL Cool J at BottleRock in Napa, CA.

• Our video for 93,000,000 Miles was featured on the front page of The Pirate Bay (almost two billion page views per month) garnering us a worldwide audience overnight.

• We were chosen by the SF Bay Guardian as one of their bands On The Rise.

• We were voted SF Deli Mag's Best Emerging Artist.

• We headlined The Edwardian Ball at the Regency Ballroom in SF, CA.

• Buckethead selected us to open for him in Fairfax, CA.

• There's more stuff. If you want to hear it, email us!

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