Dylan Gautschi

I am the drummer for MP&TLFS. I was born in San Francisco. My dad is French and my mom is American. Kevin, the guitar player in my band, is my brother. We grew up in France and California. Mostly California. We speak French and English fluently (Kevin also speaks Spanish).

Before music was in my life, I played little league baseball and soccer. I played piano for a couple of years starting when I was ten years old, then I moved on to guitar for a few years. In my mid-teens I started playing bass. My brother Kevin and I formed a band named Growth of Alliance out of high school, then I played in The Look with Nick for another few years. I played bass in both bands. Soon after that, Nick, Kevin and I formed MP&TLFS. For this band, I took up the drums, the instrument I've actually always wanted to play.

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