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Jessie Schiewe, SF Weekly
"Using a heady blend of keyboard and guitar, the Bay Area trio makes upbeat, elastic rock with a theatrical, sing-song vibe that showcases numerous vocal styles from members Nicholas Powers and Kevin and Dylan Gautschi."

Emma Silvers, SF Bay Guardian
"Throw in an educated series of jokes about Russian history, sweeping musical theater-style choruses, They Might Be Giants-esque verbal gymnastics, and serious piano chops, and you get a grin-inducing live show, to say the least."

Brianna Brey, Source Weekly
"Dork rock. It's a real thing. Almost mathematical in structure, assailing and nearly overwhelming, Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony attempts to cram every scale, falsetto, marathon guitar solo, synth riff, build, drop and pacing change into each of its sadistic songs."

Valerie Veteto, The Bay Bridged
"Oakland’s Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony is a high-speed chase with pounding piano theatrics, Queen inspired vocals, and self-described purveyors of Adventure Rock™."

Aaron Carnes,
"The Lo-Fi Symphony are ready to pick up where Queen left off and take it to all new musical heights."

David Jasper, The Bend Bulletin
"If Ben Folds, Weezer and the surviving members of Queen were to gather somehow and form a supergroup, it might sound something like Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony."

Kevin Clarkston, Indies & The Underground
"Nicholas Jarvis Powers and two Frenchmen, brothers Kevin and Dylan Gautschi, have a knack for marrying Broadway-esque harmonic bombast with garage rock."

Ross Condit, In Your Speakers
"This band is pure magic!"

Marisol Richardson, Music Junkie Press
"I was in the midst of our Bottle Rock Napa features and one of the bands I was to check out was Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony. That was several hours ago and I still haven’t been able to get the smile off my face."

J. Rivera, Indie Music Magazine
"San Francisco’s Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony are worthy of cult status, following and devotion along with the ensuing worship and fiduciary rewards that come with said acclaim."

Carlee Wright, Statesman Journal
"They put our video on their front page for a couple days," Powers said. "It was insane; the video got 120,000 views from all over the world. Suddenly we were mailing merch everywhere: Brazil, Australia, Europe, all over the US."

Ethan Varian, SF Deli Mag
"Winner of the SF Deli's Reader Poll for Best Emerging Artist."

Gavin Bellows, Haven Underground
"One listen to their 13-song debut album, We Became Monsters is enough to conjure up images of seasick pirates, mad professors, drunk Muppets, disenchanted stoners and frantic housewives, all trying to hook-up without a chance in the world."

Molly Champlin, SFBG Weekly Pick
"With manic energy and exploratory style, MP&TLFS has garnered a set of reviews likening the band to rock legends."

Sara Sexton, Oaktown Indie Mayhem
"Self-proclaimed adventure rockers, Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony seem to be able to spark a sense of both youthful optimism and complete rebellion."

Ilan Moskowitz, San Francisco Bay Guardian
"Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony is a raucous, humorous, piano-driven trio that sound like Queen playing symphonic punk rock."

Matt Whitby, Pop Underground
"One of the best bands."

Renan Pereira, RP Blogging (BRAZIL)
"What they do is not easy. Playing with elaborate arrangements, without forgetting the need to sound accessible, Major Powers & the Lo-Fi Symphony could be considered the current band that most resembles Queen. But make no mistake: these guys do what no other band in the world does."

Zoey Roundy, Rockin' With Zoey
"I found them while searching a local online magazine called The Deli Magazine, and I was listening to the online music player with bands that they've found, and I had to stop what I was doing, minimize my web page, and check out who this band was."

Daniel Taylor, Chico News & Review
"'Oddly enough, we get tons of rock-band comparisons,' said Powers, tongue firmly in cheek, 'because we sound like a fucking rock band.'"

Emily Savage, SF Bay Guardian
"Led by dynamic pianist-songwriter Nicholas Jarvis Powers, the bouncy band calls itself 'adventure rock' and makes good on the promise with complex arrangements spruced up with those tickling feel-good keys and power pop vocals."

Dave, Seeds: The Hype Tree Blog
"They could be our generation's Queen."

Robex Lundgren, Musik Blogg (SWEDEN)
"'On one hand, you just want to do meth, clean guns and be awkward, and on the other hand you fancy yourself an enlightened metropolitan academic, just by proximity. I call it the Emo-Hick Effect.  I think our style and the content of the songs are the soundtrack to that shit.'"

Godoka, Super Amiches (BRAZIL)
"After one click it was love at first sight."

M.A. Rivera, Sonic Eclectic
"Excessively theatrical, self indulgent debauchery has never hurt anyone except for those people who just couldn’t handle too much of a good thing. And brother, something tells me this San Fran trio is on the Keith Richards side the room when the Bacchanal starts."

Kyzer Davis, Bracket & Bracket
"I expect them to explode and for them to do great things."

Music Fiend, Badass Bands Blog
"It blows my mind that only three guys play these songs, I would seriously expect a whole symphony behind them to get the variations in rhythm and melodies that they do."

LISTEN: Peter Finch, KGO 810 AM, SF
The Finch Files: Turntable Love

DJ Tumbleweed, 90.7 FM, Berkeley
"Join DJ Tumble Weed as he hosts the KALX debut of the campy, cabaret pop 'adventure rock' sensation."

O.J. Patterson, Courting Comedy
"They're hard to place in a very cool way. Some songs felt like Gogol Bordello filtered through a Danny Elfman soundtrack, some songs felt like Radiohead's Amnesiac as told through the Beatles' Revolver."

KALW News, Local Music
"Does this music remind you of Queen? That’s not by accident. But Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony isn’t a tribute band; they’re the inventors of what they call Adventure Rock. It may surprise you that all of this sound comes from a trio, and the trio is from Crockett, California."

Tony Sauro,
"All this rampant creativity further distracted the Vallejo-born Powers, an only child, from his classwork at Crockett's John Swett High School, where Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong also was a teen misfit."

Miranda Wright, Oakland Mixtape
"I don’t have an 'If You Like fill in the blank band, then you will like Major Powers' tag line because they don't really sound like any other band I know."

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