October 15, 2012

Hi. I used to write Lo-Fi Posts every time we farted. Now I haven't written one in like two months, because now everytime we fart we tweet it and facebook it, so now this section is just sort of reserved for occasional incoherent ramblings. 6-PACK OF BEER HEAR THE SCREEN DOOR SLAM DADDY'S JUNKIE MUSIC MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH.

Here's some bits of news I would have posted back in the Lo-Fi Post's Golden Age:

• Last week we played a show with Buckethead. That was pretty awesome.

• A month before that we released our record on vinyl at Bottom of the Hill and the show was sold out. That was pretty awesome.

• We released a bunch of new clothes at our store, and are already sold out of half of it. That is awesome.

• Over the summer, we played tons of times all over our homeland of Northern California, from Weed to Monterey, from Murphys to Santa Rosa, from Sacramento to Fresno, from Nevada City to Stockton (and of course from Oakland to San Francisco). No matter where we went, we met a whole shit-ton of SINCERELY AMAZING people and have remained friends with (hopefully) them all. We hope to see everyone again this winter as we roll back out around these fertile lands of opportunity. We're also planning shows in Los Angeles, Portland and beyond.

• If you want to help us make (read: be involved in any way with) a music video for one or more of the songs on We Became Monsters, email us immediately and I'll tell you how you can help.

• Last but not least: many have asked and the answer is yes, we are writing new music that you will definitely hear some time in the future.

Until the next post.