April 22, 2012

Hey! There you are. I knew you were around here somewhere.

Now that I have your attention, I'm very proud to announce our 2012 Central California Not-Quite-A-Tour Tour! Come send us off "on the road" on May 10 at Monarch in SF for a night of Adventure Piano (featuring the musical stylings of the John Brothers Piano Company, Sit Kitty Sit and Dominique Leone). The following evening, May 11, come catch a set at historic Old Ironsides in Sacramento. The very next night (as to give these shows a tour-like appearance) we're rolling into Woodland for a night of beer-soaked Woodlandyness at The Stag Bar with The MonoMyth Inception.

Then, after a brief one-week layover back at our own houses, we'll be arriving in Stockton, CA on May 19 for our third show at he Blackwater Cafe with good friends Descendants of Prospectors. The next afternoon, May 20, we'll be making the trek to distinctly not-Central-California-based San Mateo where we'll take the stage at the world famous Maker Faire at 1:00 p.m. After a fleeting four-day layover back at our own houses, we'll be clubbing it up with The Greening at Milk Bar in SF on May 24 and, not three days later, appearing at Haven Underground in Nevada City May 27 for an all ages romp. Four days after that, May 31, we'll be bringing the pain back to Sacramento at the Torch Club on May 31! I'm getting homesick just writing about it. See you kids out on our not-quite-a tour!

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